Friday, February 19, 2010


So.... I'm in sunnnyy FL!
got here last sunday, and im leaving on monday. I'm so depressed. Leaving here sucks.

currently watching the simpsons. i know my life isnt interesting but i dont really give a crap.
universal studios was on monday, and it was awesome. i hugged bart simpson. and the simpsons ride rocked, although motion stuff makes me sick. literally.....

on tuesday we went to disneyworld and it was pretty cool too. fav. part was SPACE MOUNTAIN.
best.rollercoaster. EVER.

wednesday i went shopping, and bought alot of new schtuff. Hot Topic rukes. too bad they dont have it in Canada.

by the way, if you live near one, check out Ruby Tuesday's Restaurant. it's amazing. and their salad bar rules.

and follow my band too!



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