Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i am home sick. :[

im sick. at home. with absolutely NOTHING to do.
any ideas?

i really REALLY feel like going to a concert, but obviously i cant. (sick?)
so this week i recorded 3 cover songs and you can find them on youtube shortly...once i find the cord to connect the camera to the computer....(never lend me anything- i guarantee i will lose it...) did "when it rains" and "that's what you get" by Paramore, and "hear you me" by the all-amazing Jimmy Eat World (both are 2 of my many fav bands)

by the way, little side note to a certain someone... (definately NOT something about love...)
can you not joke about suicide? i had like what 3 friends commit suicide and i DONT find that stuff funny? "emo" is a style...has nothing to do with SI.

(sorry...i get annoyed with this person often...and hes DEF. not funny)

im gonna watch a movie now. do yourself some good and listen to my daily song pick:
Counting 5-4-3-2-1 by THursday. one word. AMAZING!